Originating from Long Beach CA, Jamie migrated to Ventura in 1992. She’s been rocking the scene ever since, opening the original Dogwood Studio tattoo shop. Now with new horizons before her, she opens WEST END GALLERY. Her achievements include 1st place in the 2010 Best of Ventura tattoo artist category, as well as Dogwood’s earning 2nd place in all of Ventura for the best tattoo shop overall. She is also a mother of a brilliant son, as well as gifted with amazing foot dexterity, being able to pick up most things with her feet.

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Self taught, KT’s unique designs are from a place of pure imagination. All her original art is animated with bright colors with a dark undertone.
Most of KT’s unique style has a common theme of creatures and nature, with a touch of thick black lines and bright colors that being her designs to life. KT’s favorite subject is Cookie-puss, her kitten, who is obsessed with the toilet and Popeyes chicken.